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At H&W Service Center, we repair automotive and diesel vehicles, construction and oil field units, as well as commercial semi trucks and agricultural equipment! From your garden tractor to your semi tractor and everything in between!


At H&W Service Center, we have a full time staff of experienced ASE Certified Technicians trained in all types of repair on all makes and models of vehicles from cars and pickups to grain trucks and heavy duty vehciles! 


Unfortunately preventive maintenance is one of the most overlooked issues with today’s vehicles.  The reality of this issue is that with the overwhelming complexity of today’s vehicles, preventive maintenance should be one of the main focuses for owners.  At H&W we strive to provide comprehensive maintenance inspections to keep your vehicles running at its peak performance.


Safety is the most important topic when discussing vehicle maintenance.  Your vehicle may run well but if it cannot stop properly it is only doing half of its job.  With years of experience maintaining brake systems for commercial, automotive, and industrial vehicles, our technicians have the experience to handle any issues that our customers might have.


We are not limited to only maintenance at H&W.  With any vehicle, major issues can arise.  Coupled with our extensive machine shop experience, we can handle many issues that a dealership cannot.  Rather than replace an engine we can usually repair it in less time than it would take to replace it.  When your vehicle is down, time is never one your side.  Plus, it’s not just engine that we work on.  We have the equipment and the knowledge to handle all of the systems of today’s complex vehicles.

With emissions regulations changing every year, you need someone with the equipment and the experience to repair your exhaust system effectively and conforming with federal regulations.  From a simple exhaust leak to a full system replacement we can do it all.  Also, most of our exhaust system repairs are performed a fraction of the cost of purchasing new components from the manufacturer.


Battery failures are all to common in today’s vehicles.  With an every increasing load on today’s automotive electrical systems, your battery is the cornerstone of your electrical system.  Regular battery and electrical system checks are crucial.  These inspections can keep a simple battery replacement from turning into an electrical system failure.

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