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We specialize in automotive, industrial, and commercial engine machining. With over 25 years of experience, we can handle all of your cylinder head and block needs.


  • Resurfacing of cylinder heads and blocks

  • Flywheel resurfacing

  • Pressure testing and Magnafluxing of cylinder heads and blocks

  • Valve seat replacement

  • Valve guide replacement

  • Valve grinding

  • Valve jobs up to 5 angle

  • Chemical bath to remove rust and mineral build up

  • Injector cup replacement

  • Cylinder boring and honing

  • Cylinder sleeving

  • We can also cut counter bores​

H&W Service Center Machine Shop
H&W Service Center Machine Shop

Utilizing the NEWCLEAR® system, any cylinder head can be pressure tested to 120psi. HOT!


That's right, when the head is mounted on the machine and sealed,  hot water (180⁰) is circulated through it.  This opens hidden cracks and porosity.  A lot of cylinder heads have visible cracks, but do they leak? Some engines have mysterious coolant loss problems, but where is it going?  A lot of heads get rebuilt only to find out, halfway or further through the job, that there are cracks.  This system will eliminate these problems.


The Newen®GII Seat and Guide Machine allows for very accurate cutting of valves and seats in perfect concentricity with the guide.


Seat depth can be held to the same dimension from combustion chamber to combustion chamber.  This is extremely important in today's new multi-valve heads as well as in all diesels.  Multi-valve high RPM engines generally have smaller valves with tiny stems.  Accuracy is important to get a long lasting, perfect seal.  Controlling recession in a diesel is important for good starting as well as smooth running.  With today's advanced computer controls, keeping gas engine valve recession even from cylinder to cylinder maintains equal combustion chamber volume.  This translates to even crankshaft speed with no fluctuations (and no  mysterious "check engine"light.)


Cylinder Heads must have the proper surface finish.  With our Rottler® Cylinder Head Mill we can take off the exact amount.


Instead of the older technology of grinding or belts we can take off the exact amount of material to clean up the gasket surface and know exactly how much is removed.  Varying the feed and cut rate yields the surface finish most appropriate for the head gasket style.  One example is today's multi-layer steel head gaskets, which need and extremely smooth finish, while steel shim or graphite gasket need a little "bite".  Whatever the specifications, we can do it.  We can resurface any head up to 14" wide and 48" long.  From small aluminum to large cast iron, we can do it.


All of these functions and can be carried out quickly and consistently with minimum turn around time to keep your workflow going.

What about Diesel Heads with Pre-combustion chamber- can these be resurfaced? YES!! (6.2,6.5,6.9,7.3, etc.)


The pre-chambers are removed, the head resrufaced, then the counter bore is re machined to the proper depth so a stock, unmodified pre-chamber can still be used and set at the proper protrusion (typically .001" to .002").  We have the proper tooling to do this correctly.

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